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Valley of the Queen

All the elements of a good story are in “Valley of the Queen.” War, hidden treasure, ancient royalty, romance, and strong characters are combined to provide the reader with an excellent experience.


About The Book

While Jack Largent is working as a photographer in Vietnam he witnesses the aftermath of a devastating rocket attack on a Cham temple. He is invited to join an investigation by a television reporter of a vile Asian despot she believes stole vast amounts of gold during the fall of South Vietnam. Tweaking her interest is an ancient legend of a treasure buried near the temple.



Bill Diebold was a photographer in the United States Air Force for two years and three months in Vietnam. The events at the beginning of the book in Vietnam are largely based on fact and actual experiences although the names and characters should not be reflected as any individual but rather a composite fictional characterization of several persons encountered along the way. The same holds true of the Advertising Photography industry in Chicago related later in the book…

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Valley of the Queen

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