Valley of the queen

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William Diebold

         Bill Diebold was a photographer in the United States Air Force for two years and three months in Vietnam. The events at the beginning of the book in Vietnam are largely based on fact and actual experiences although the names and characters should not be reflected as any individual but rather a composite fictional characterization of several persons encountered along the way. The same holds true of the Advertising Photography industry in Chicago related later in the book. He was an advertising photographer in Chicago at a time during the 1980’s when the industry was at the dawn of major changes brought on by the revolution of digital media and the internet. It was an exciting, wonderful time and he is of the opinion that Chicago, the city and its wonderful people are the best kept secret in the country. That said, he now works as a digital imaging instructor in High School in California and considers himself retired. He firmly believes that his love for teaching is based on his prior success and fulfillment as a professional photographer. He honestly looks forward to going to school every day because the ‘kids with their idealism, hopes and dreams keep you young.’ As a father with two sons, a wonderful daughter in law, and two amazing grandchildren, he looks forward to tomorrow. His photography website can be found at (leave out the ‘I’) There you will find many Vietnam photographs that mirror some of the chapters in the story. Also you will see some of his professional advertising work and many examples of his students’ work in his classes.

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