Willam Diebold

About the book

About the book

Valley Of The Queen

This is the story of a lost queen, a lost treasure, and four Chicago friends with a surprising connection to both. 

Early in the tenth century in an area we know as Vietnam, a legendary queen of the Champa (Shampa) people flees a conquering army forcing her to escape west to a hidden, paradise-valley refuge. She leaves the remaining wealth of her kingdom hidden in a cave near a Cham temple.

During the Vietnam War Era Jack Largent is working as an Air Force photographer when he witnesses the aftermath of a devastating rocket attack just off of the Phan Rang Air Base and near a Cham temple that kills a dozen Security Police airmen.

By the 1980s, the indigenous Champa people are scattered and mixed among the many nations of Southeast Asia. Their queen has been missing for a thousand years since the time of the legendary Queen Dau Te Po and the fall of the Champa Kingdom. The Champa people have an ancient, sub-conscious and compelling need to serve and obey their queen, which has left them unfulfilled for centuries.

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